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S&D Commercials Commercial Vehicle Recovery Gallery


Ditched 40T Concrete Batching Plant

Recovery Arundel West Sussex

Concrete Lorry recovery Arundel recovery arundel
Ditched concrete 40 tons recovery screed 40 tonnes

recovery concrete batching lorry arundel

 Building Site Recovery Petsworth West Sussex

Recovery building site Petsworth

Coach Recovery Burgess Hill West Sussex

Coach Recovery Burgess Hill West Sussex


Ditched Lorry Recovery Sussex

Ditched lorry recovery sussex recovery sussex S&D recovery Uckfield
recovery sussex recovery fixed cab sussex

39t Lorry Crane goes off Concrete Track - Ashford Kent

T800 with Century 1075 rotator makes a simple job of this!

lorry crane ditches ashford kent lorry crane winched to road
crane wiched by S&D commercials 39t lorry crane rescued
crane lorry rescued by winching t800 ken worth lorry recovery
lorry crane ditches crane lorry recovery ashford ket


14 ton 360 in pond near Lyminster Littlehampton

The recovery story of a 360 from a pond - 2 recovery vehicles used to reach the digger with non running engine (gulped down water). Rescued and taken to customers yard for repair.

digger recoivery pond littlehampton 360 in pond
digger in pond 360 digger in pond
digger in pond Recovery digger from pond hampshire
recovering winching winching digger from pond
digger emerges sanddcommercials pictures
digger digger comes out of pond
  loaded up

JCB Telehandler Topples over in Oxshott Surrey

Winched and lifted and righted by Kenworth T800

JCB toppled and righted oxshott surrey TCB telehandler
JCB telehandler righted by S and D commercials telehandler by JCB
telehandler sorted T800 rotator
JCB righted JCB righted oxshott surrey


Artic Recovery Sussex Farm off A27

artic stuck in farm mud patch farm rescue
recovery winch sussex farm recovery S and D commercials


Parcel Van Recovery 

FreightLiner invaluble - easy winch but up long narrow entrance 

van recovery long residential track freightliner helpful recovery
narrow indeed narrow recovery for parcel van


Rear Lift from M20 Services

Rear wheel bearing failure M20 to Luton

coach m20 services coach recovery m20
coach rev


Scaffold Lorry Lift and Winch Lingfield Park Surrey

scaffold lorry lift and winch lingfield park

Tight Squeeze In Lewes Lane Sussex

S&D Commercials Uckfield Sussex untangle this!

close call lewes lane untaggled complete
taggled lorries close encounters lewes lane in sussex

18t Ditched in Narrow Driveway Hawkhurst Kent

18 ton driveway recovery
recovery hawhurst S&D recovery whoops ditch here grounding out


Sat Nav Disaster Partridge Green West Sussex

Fully Laden recovery, long winch in a tight Lane with our Rotator

partrridge green recovery fertilizer lorry recovery west sussex
winching west sussex lane long recovery winch
major winch after sat nave winching job west sussex


 Renault 18t Recovery from West Sussex Farm

Winched out of the ditch with our small ''Freighter Liner''

west sussex farm winching winching 18t renault from ditch sussex
renault 18t recovery west sussex west sussex farm lorry recovery

Lifting heavy machinery from trailer

Italian machinery lift Polgate Sussex

Polgate lift of heavy machinery machinery lift
machinery iift from trailer Polgate Sussex machinery out of trailer

Lift and relocation of 29 Ton Press

Lift and reposition of heavy press in tight space in warehouse

29 ton press uckfield press move from uckfield
press loaded 29 tons press move
press move into tight corner uckfield press manoeuvring


Trailer Detachment Newhaven

Trailer lift full of brass filings

container derailed newhaven sussex trailer newhaven detached
trailer newhaven docks trailer falls off newhaven docks

Foden Refurbishment Starts

work begins on the Foden tractor cab and the Scammell deck and boom transferrence

foden build foden build
foden cab build foden
foden scammell deck transferred scammell deck on
sprayed awaiting tool box doors looking good


Lorry Recovery Sussex A22

ditched lorry sussex lane winching lorry from ditch in sussex  


Coach Recovery Offroad Kent 

yellow bus recovery kent yellow coach recovery in field
coach offroad recovery kent winching yellow bus out farm drive

Dustcart Recovery Halisham Sussex

dusrtcart recovery sussex dustcart recovery saynav error
winching dustcart from dtching dustcart recovery halisham

Lorry Recovery Surrey 

lorry ditched surrey recovery of ditched freezer lorrry surrey

SatNav again! - Articulated Lorry Recovery 

Satnav issues again places a lorry in an awkward spot 

artic lost bad satnav in sussex countryside difficult recovery from sussex lane - articulated lorry of course
satnav issues and urgent recovery assistance required in sussex mind the fence - satnav error costly
recovery sussex lane lorry recovered sussex lane


Forklift Toppled

forklift toppled forklift toppled

Cement Mixer Recovery Ashdown Forest Sussex

cement lorry ashdown forest mixer stuck ashdown forest

Concrete Mixer Recovery from Deep in Ditch Berwick Sussex

Overhead power cable not being very helpful - delicate lifting and winching job

concrete mixer lift and recover mixer lorry recovery sussex
mixer lorry recovering deep ditch concrete lorry in trouble
winching in the wet mixer lorry stuck west sussex

Mobile Office Lifted by Kenworth T800 Rotator 

mobile office llfted mobile office lifted by Kenworth

 Farm Shredder Ditched in Chichester West Sussex

Lifting with Kenworth T800 Rotator in poor conditions and narrow working space

shreeder ditched chichester farm track recovery farm shredder stuck sussex
farm shredder recovery farm shredder recovery sussex
farm shreeder stuck in ditch farm shredder recovered sussex lane

Coach Recovery M23 Services to Holland

coach recvovery M23 coach recovery to holland

Crane Recovery Reigate M25 to East Sussex

crane recovery from reigate m25 crane reigate recovery to M25

Tanker Recovery Surrey using new acquired Kenworth T800

tanker stuck in ditch surrey tanker recxovery surrey countryside

 Bio Mass Recovery Robertsbridge East Sussex

biomass recovery sussex biomass recovery ashdown forest
bio mass recovery

Recovery in Sussex

recovery sussex recovery dust cart sussex
truck recovery sussex S&D recovery

 Scania Recovery Northiam Sussex

scania recovery northiam sussex scania ditched northiam
scania recovered northiam sussex scania recovery sussex
scania trailer recovery ditched in northiam scania recovery sussex lanes

 Vehicle Recoveries Yalding Floods Kent

yalding floods kent yalding kent rescovery from floods
yalding recovery with scammell 6x6 yalding kent recovery


Scammell 6x6 with Boniface Concept 3000

Offroad Recovery Goudhurst Kent

Scammell 6x6 goudhurst kent scammell 6x6 boniface 3000
offroad recovery goudhurst kent lorry recovery with scammell 6x6 in kent


Scania Gulley Tanker Recovery West Sussex

scandia ditching lorry recovery sussex scandia ditching lorry recovery sussex
scandia recovery sussex scandia recovery sussex


Refuse Truck Recovery A22

Refuse lorry recovery A22 Fiveways dustcart recovery Sussex


Slurry Tanker Lorry recovered from Kent Field

slurry tanker lorry recovered kent Tanker recovery Kent field


Detached 18T Fidge Unit - Isle of Grain

isle of grain fridge unit isle grain fridge unit
isle grain fridge unit fridge unit unloading isle grain


Refuse Truck - Off Road Recovery

kier recovery sussex kier recovery sussex
kier waste recovery sussex


Man Recovery and Repair 

man truck repair and recovery man truck recovery sussex


Mobile Crane Recovery Gatwick M23

Large mobile crane rescue by S&D Attaching Mobile Crane to Rig


Car Transporter Recovery Shoreham West Sussex

car transporter recovery


Trailer Unit Recovery Tunbridge Wells, Kent

tunbrisge wells recovery


Eddie Stobart Lorry Recovery Sussex

Eddie Stowbart Lorry deep in ditch Eddie Stowbart Lorry rear view buried in hedge and ditch
Eddie Stowbart Lorry slips off road into ditch Eddie Stowbart Lorry recovery with S&D Commercials winch
Eddie Stowbart Lorry recovered by S&D Commecials S&D Commercials responsible for Eddie Stowbart Lorry recovery

Jewson Lorry Recovery Kent

Jewsons lorry recovery by S&D Commercial Vehicle Recovery Jewsons lorry in ditch recovered by S&D Commercials
Jewson heavy goods vehicle recovery

Night Time Bus Recovery Brighton

Nighttime recovery of bus by S&D Commercials

Specialist Milk Lorry Recovery Sussex

Overturned milk lorry on farm track vehicle rescue Recovery of milk tanker
milk lorry on its side being recovered Milk lorry being recovered by S&D Commercials
Overturned milk lorry being winched back onto its wheels Damaged sustained from overturning milk tanker
S&D Commercials recovery back to depot of milk lorry

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Recovery West Sussex

Commercial vehicle nighttime recovery Commercial vehicle recovery from ditch
Roadside recovery of commercial vehicle by S&D Commercials Winching a commercial vehicle from ditch
S&D Commercial recovery from side of road at nighttime

Light vehicle recovery - Ocado Van

Ocado van recovery from woods

Coach Recovery on S&D Commercials Trax low loader in Sussex


Bus on the back of S&D Commercials vehicle transporter

 Brighton Lorry Recovery From Roadside Bollard

Lorry recovery from town bollard

Chandlers Lorry Recovery Mid Sussex

Chandlers Lorry Recovery From Ditch

Tanker Lorry Recovery From Pulborough West Sussex

Tanker lorry recovery from roadside ditch Ditched tanker lorry being winched out
S&D Commercials winch tanker lorry from ditch S&D Commercials recovers vehicle on long low loader

Breakdown and Recovery In Progress A22

Lorry recovery in transit by S&D Commercials

Bathstore Vehicle Recovery deepest Hastings

Bathstore commericial vehicle recovery by S&D Commercials

Flowgas Vehicle Recovery From Surrey 

Flowgas vehicle recovery from field

Winching Digger From Ditch in a Sussex Field

Recovery of digger from ditch Digger being winched from ditch

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